Boom Supersonic : Overture Launch Film

I happened to follow Boom Supersonic online because I'm an insufferable nerd. Out of the blue the stars aligned and suddenly I'm working with them on the launch film for Overture.

They wanted an iconic and kinetic film to launch the final design for their supersonic passenger jet.

This was a massive team effort at Ntropic but it was a dream come true for me as who wouldn't want to work on a piece of history?

Production: Ntrōpic London

Director: Brian Williams + Aidan Gibbons

Executive Producer: Emily Rudge
Production Assistant: Amelida Celepija

Music & Sound Design: Denis Kilty

Recording Studio: Wave Studios London
Sound Engineer: Harry Butcher

Voice Agency: The Joneses’ 
VO Artist: Maria Teresa Creasey
Agent: Lizzie Doherty

Offline Editor: William Barnett